Puff, Puff, Pax: The Next Generation

Puff, Puff, Pax: The Next Generation

There are e-cigarettes and vaporizers and then there is the Pax 2.  Creatively designed with a luxury feel, this device is the Apple of the vaporizer market that not only looks beautiful but compliments your sophisticated side.  Whether you smoke tobacco or other herbal substances here are a few reasons why the Pax 2 should be on the top of your list.


Vapor is healthier then smoke

When you light a cigarette or any other substance, the biggest danger comes from the physical smoke.  Deadly carcinogens and chemicals are released from the fire and inhaled.  The PAX2 heats the loose leaves up-to four hundred degrees to “release” the natural oils into a vapor allowing for a cleaner more enjoyable flavor.  What you get is the true essence of the tobacco without the smoke flavor.  The vapors are clean and smooth enough for even the most sensitive of smokers.   No coughing, no matter how much you inhale. And with four heat settings, you will get the optimal “burn” for any substance.

Convenient where ever you are

The small 3 ounce device fits easily into your pocket and does not require matches or a lighter.  Turn it on with a push of a button and one minute later it is ready to smoke.  The lip and motion sensor knows when to heat which optimizes power and only produces vapor when needed.

With the PAX 2 there is no need to stand on the street corner or hide in your car; you can a vaporizer almost anywhere.  Because it does not burn, there is no cloud of smoke around you to offend any non-smokers.  The vapor scent is so subtle that no one will smell you smoking at all which makes it optimal for any social setting.

Sexy design that you do not mind showing off

The ultra-sleek, ultra-modern, minimalist design will defiantly turn heads.   The PAX 2 casing is made of a polished, brushed aluminum shell that comes in four colors: Topaz (teal), Flare (red), Platinum (silver), & Charcoal (black) to fit any personality.  With an elegant, ergonomically designed mouthpiece and simple one button interface, all you see is a beautifully made vaporizer that would fit in any setting whether it is at work or play.  The LED light signals when the vaporizer is ready also comes with its own surprises such as a party feature and games.

Whether you are a tech savvy hippie or on Wallstreet, the sleek, innovative design and features of the PAX 2 vaporizer will keep you looking good and smoke free.  For more information about the PAX 2 visit: paxvapor.com

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