NYC Fashion Runway Gives Innovative Designers a Push


Founded in January 2012 by entrepreneur Davina Reichman Schuck, NYC Fashion Runway has been successful in showcasing work for independent designers. Her initial goal from the beginning has been to “inspire and revolutionize the fashion industry, flipping the fashion game on its head” which has lead to publicity such as media, promotion, trendsetters and buyers to make the designers work flourish into exceeding results.

Many of the collections of their clients have gone on to Mercedes Benz and Couture Fashion Week due to the events that have been held.

NY Fashion Runway | Social Magazine

The company supports worthy charity causes with fashion events, raising funds for the annual Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Fighting with Fashion” red carpet event and for the Food Bank For New York City. They bring fashion and a good cause together for a night to remember as well as raising awareness.

There is an undeniable bond within her and her team as she explains to us, “Each person on our team has played an essential role in making NYC Fashion Runway the success it is to date – a fantastic showcase of talented designers elevated into success. We provide that extra push so that the designers can achieve results beyond their wildest fashion fantasies.”

SOCIAL MAGAZINE | Davina and Parkash Patil

A bond with a team is definitely a plus when making designer’s dreams come true. Many people feel this way about NYC Fashion Runway. Runway coach, Prakash Patil, explains why he loves their work so much, “As a runway coach and international model, it has been an amazing experience to work with NYC Fashion Runway. I feel very humbled and blessed to be part of this close-knit family. Modeling taught me that the spotlight can change everything. Fashion anticipates and elegance is a state of mind… a translation of the future and should never be static.”

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Images by Adam Z Lein Photography

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