Low Life

Low Life

With my dedicated hoop days far behind me, I find my taste in sneakers transitioning. From adolescence into my college years where I played from middle school ball, to high school, to collegiately, I found myself sporting primarily basketball shoes off court. Now I find myself more attracted to the runners and lows of the world. Most likely due to their wearing versatility compared to higher sneakers. This is something that actually really hits home for me at the moment. Jordan Brand has brought us their latest silhouette, the XXXII and the shoe has gotten mixed reviews from what we see. Taking inspiration for the Jordan II, that actually does not surprised us because the II itself was a slept on model overall. However, one thing has stood true since the initial promo shots of the XXXII were released is the XXXII Low rendition is something special.


This is something we have actually never seen with Jordan Brand. There have always been classic Jordan Lows, and given that, there are definitely some gems that come to mind. The XI is probably the highest touted Low, and the XII, XIII, XIV, XVII, and V all gave us some solid looks as well. We now have something that is uncommon for Jordan Brand. For the first time ever they may have a Low that may be better than their High. This is unchartered territory for the sportswear juggernaut, and honestly, it may not be that bad of a thing. With many competitors focusing on lower alternatives for their flagship models the market is technically already primed for a lower shoe. This is something that Kobe Bryant pretty much pioneered on the basketball side, and now we see sit it as a “Norm” with signature ballers like KD, PG, Dame, and The Beard. This gives Jordan Brand a new potential lane to play in, and with the market already going with that feel, it could be how they move in to the future in an aspect.


Maybe this an opportunity for the brand to turn another corner. As I mentioned this is not unheard of. This also is not the first time a Low showed greater potential than the normal rendition. The same thing happened to King with his LeBron XIII model. This is far from as drastic as it was for LeBron, but nevetheless it’s an opportunity for the new avenue. I personally plan to invest a lot of money into the XXXII Low seeing as there has not been a colorway I have disliked on the silhouette yet. From the innovations with the tech in the model, the top tier comfort and support, and its seemingly flawless stylings and versatile variants, the XXXII is an easy cop in my eyes; and we highly suggest you do not sleep either.



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