Is Anyone Cooler Than David Harbour?

Is Anyone Cooler Than David Harbour?

Who would have that the sleazy husband from Revolutionary Road could be one of the biggest stars of today? David Harbour has become a household name after his starring roles in Stranger Things, Hellboy (Well, I mean), Black Mass, and Black Widow (stole the show). Harbour doesn’t come off as a leading man with his messy hair and dad bod, but maybe the formula for a leading man has been wrong this whole time. Hearing him on stage talk about his humble beginnings and just how much fun he is having in the film/television world was refreshing. It’s great to see someone work hard at their craft and be rewarded for it, especially in entertainment. Hopper in Stranger Things is a memorable character that will endure past the last season of whenever the show ends.

I am okay seeing him become busier and branch out more, especially knowing that he is not just down to earth, but also incredibly talented. To more Harbour!

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