5 Gifts For The Techie In Your Family

5 Gifts For The Techie In Your Family

As we descend into the last 48 hours of the Holiday season, I guarantee some of us are still sleeping on gifts. I know I am. It’s a legitimate staple of who I am, and I am sure it is for a lot of other people. I decided to put together some of my favorites for the last minute shopper in all of us.


Apple iPad Pro 9.7/12.9-inch




No list can be complete without the Apple product. As an Apple head this was a great gift in the clutch. Apple dropped the larger Pro this year (it’s incredibly large) as well as updated the Air line with the Pro 9.7-inch. They both boast the superior A9X chip as well as a better camera, display, and approximately the same battery (that’s usually a staple when it comes to Apple). This is a gift for someone you love or yourself. Pretty much yourself. Stop in to your local Apple store or check them out online.




Bose QuietComfort 35 Bluetooth Headphones



Honestly, I am pretty late to the Bose game. I have been such a fan of Beats for the past few years that I totally did not realize what I was missing out on. Bose has held down the audio game for decades, and yet only now am I experiencing the greatness of their Bluetooth line. The QuietComfort 35’s are comfortable, lightweight, and can take a beating. Add in the fact that with the flick of a switch you are in a whole different world of just music or whatever you’re listening to, and we have a winner. Head over to Bose or any other retailer that sells Bose products to gift someone special this year.


JUUL from PAX Labs


It’s no secret what my love is for the team behind the PAX line and JUUL is. Over the years they have debuted more and more amazing products, and the JUUL is another one. As someone who spends most of his time split between NY and LA, smoking is the one standard I see in both. The JUUL vaporizer has changed that standard a lot. Especially in the circles I occupy. The JUUL is a closed system vaporizer that honestly vapes cleaner than any other e-cig out there. It utilizes pods that can be switched out after use and come in a multitude of flavors. To be fair calling it an ‘e-cig’ is almost as crass as calling a Bugatti a ‘coupe’. It’s compact, sleek, and changes the mindset when it comes to the clunky, dour competitors. JUUL has been the subject of some price gouging  but you should be just fine going to the website and ordering your pack.



Google’s Google Home

google-home-0-0Google has been generally quiet in the hardware department outside of their lukewarm Pixel. Yet this year we saw the release of their Google Home. Google Home is a speaker that is much more than a speaker. It is intuitive, voice activated, and it can do everything from play your music to controlling your smart accessories at home. As it has been stated before, automation is the new goal for many manufacturers as we strive towards a ‘smart home’ lifestyle. Google Home is the direct competition to Amazon’s Alexa/Echo and it is a pretty strong one. From answering your questions to calling an Uber, Google Home is a thing of beauty. Google Home can be purchased by a handful of authorized retailers.


Fitbit Flex 2 


flex2_black_bluelight_300dpi_rgb-e1472254554136-762x1024There can’t be a list complete without a fitness tracker. In a year that has seen literally a dozen released, Fitbit is still holding down the general market on trackers and fitness. The Fitbit Flex 2 is an update to the immensely popular Flex line that is a simple tracker that tells you when your goals are met for the day regarding steps, sleep, etc. The new Flex 2 is sleeker, gives you call and text notifications, and is of course water-proof. As simple as this may seem, some people really only want a tracker, minus all the other frills. The Flex 2 supplements this need. Hop, jog, or run over to Fitbit to get yours before the holidays are up!


As with most things, if you don’t have time for online ordering with overnight shipping check out your local retailers for a quick purchase. Happy Holidays!


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