Investing In The Up & Comer


There’s no secret that investing in a startup or giving a “no namer” a lead role in a feature film is a RISK. But why not take more? Why not encourage more millennials and young people to potentially “crash and burn?” So many young entrepreneurs are creating companies and harnessing multimillion dollar ideas but are struggling daily to make a buck. Many would say, “It takes time,” “Work hard and eventually your break will come,” “Persistence is everything.” And while these wise sayings are one hundred percent true, we are in a NEW era, a new generation, and a new model for making money. Profit and true revenue are being redefined by US. So what means now is our predecessors need to be open. They need to be aware and see what is really going on. And most importantly they need to be ready to invest!

President Obama recently gave a speech in Los Angeles on October 9, stating that “…we’ve got a rising generation of talented, striving, innovative young people…entrepreneurship is in the DNA of this generation….We’re coming out of this recession with the best­educated, the most diverse, the most digitally fluent generation of adults in American history.” Now let’s be honest I’m sure there is a political agenda with this speech. Namely we have an election coming up and the goal for a Democratic President would be to keep his party in office and rightfully so. But let’s look at what he is really saying. President Obama recognizes that this generation is like no other. Most of us are entrepreneurs in some way, shape, or form. We are redefining what it means to use technology, knowledge, and ultimately how to make money.

How do we sell our predecessors on this new model? How do we explain that taking more risks with investments is absolutely necessary in creating a booming economy? That the old way no longer serves a healthy economic clout.  I was inspired recently to write this article because I find myself stuck between a rock in a hard place. I am an “up and coming” TV Host with a great body of work. I know a few movers and shakers, but the Entertainment Industry can be a dark place. Let’s face it, there’s a reason why you hear the saying “she slept her way to the top.” As a woman you are automatically placed in somewhat of a subservient position when it comes to being a talent in this industry. And there are assumptions as to how certain woman attain fame and success. But it is time for that model to change. Just as a it is time for economy to change the way in which it thrives.

The Entertainment Industry may not be the number one leader in the stock market but ranking in the top 20 of the Dow daily says something about the economic pull of arts. Notably, Disney is a great example of an entity that took risks on young talent, ie made an investment, that would later become mega stars. Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and The Jonas Brothers as a prime example of leading millennials.How can we take a model of an Entertainment ‘Big Wig’ and apply it to the greater well being of a generation waiting for their “big breaks?” Can we somehow inspire other companies to invest outside of their industry? Can we inspire a technology based company to invest in a fashion startup? How can we, the millennials, convince the powers that be that we are WORTH IT even if it means taking greater risks. Although great risk may mean great loss, it can also mean great reward and further a significant ROI.

My ultimate dream as a member of this generation, 26 years of age to be exact, is to have my own Daytime Television Talk Show. Now I was recently devastated to find out that my dream of being the youngest talk show host was snatched from underneath me by the beautiful and talented, Keke Palmer (21). Let’s look at this as a prime example of taking a ‘safe’ risk.  It is much easier for any investor, company, or network to invest in an already known and seasoned talent. Someone who has already proven to make others money. Someone who has already proven to produce a significant ROI. But let me ask a very logical question, is Keke Palmer a TV Host? Meaning does her resume consist of legitimate hosting jobs? The answer is

It is much safer to take a risk on someone who has proven financial gain than someone who

may already be experienced in that trade with no known credibility.  What happens then when someone tasks a risk on an ‘Up and Comer?’ Whether it be me or the recent graduate of Harvard with a tech startup. What happens when an entity, whether from the same industry or not, takes a risk on someone that could potentially make them a lot of money?  That could potentially change the forecast of the economy, culture, and lifestyle?Take Apple as another example. Apple is not only a volume leader of NASDAQ, it is a company that has created a culture. And cannot be limited to just being a “technology” company.  Beginning in the confounds of a garage, lead by one of the most influential people in history, Steve Jobs, Apple went through its share of trials. And after great risks were taken resulting in great loss as well as great reward, Apple has revolutionized the way in which we communicate with each other daily. Apple took many risks to create a new language in which we use to describe technology and as a result as redefined the way in which we view culture.  A great idea, a person, or a brand can change the world economically, systemically, and culturally. It is worth it to hear the story of an ‘Up and Comer’ because that very story could be the next BIG THING. The clues, the foreshadowing, and the call for help could very well be an invitation for partnership. An invitation to take a risk. A risk that could inevitably change the world.  The future of our global economy is not investing in what we already know, the future of our global economy is investing in the ‘Up and Comer.’

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