Ibis At The Legendary Kimberly Hotel


Located at The Kimberly Hotel in Manhattan, you will find Ibis. The newly reconstructed restaurant has much history. Since the 1920’s, the location has been the home of many prolific visionaries. From staged productions with elaborate traditional decors to large symphony-sized orchestras, choruses, celebrities and many supporting and leading solo singers, the building has nurtured many creative souls.

If these walls could speak – I would want to listen! The genius that has been birthed from this establishment is outstanding. In the 1950’s, Bob Hope, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis performed at what was then known as The Versailles.  Dezi Arnaz and his orchestra also performed here, and there is no reason why the new owners would not want to capture the same essence when opening ibis this past fall.

 “Midtown’s brand new “Ibis” holds the essence of the 1920’s opera house it once was.

Completely reconstructed, replete with an ornate winding staircase, cathedral dome ceiling and the charm and elegance of yesteryear, Ibis has reclaimed an historic Manhattan destination sure to thrill all those who experience its richness.”

The food is a delicacy. It is a fusion of refinement of the Middle East, Europe, the Mediterranean and specifically, Turkey. With ingredients consisting of lamb, chicken, cumin, bulgur, eggplant, peppers, onions, garlic and tomatoes, Chef Orhan Yegen creates meals with class that are beyond savory.  From yogurt soup to stuffed bulgur croquettes and lamb papillote, Orhan adds a touch of his spirited personality to every dish. The service is upbeat and consistent; the atmosphere is friendly with an array of various live musicians.

The 10,000 square foot restaurant is owned by the classic Kimberly Hotel and can accommodate up to 468 people.  There are two full service bars on two levels, with flat screen televisions and projection screens, and a state of the art DJ Booth.  I highly recommend Ibis for any dinner or social gathering. You will not be disappointed. Ask to speak with Mary or Orhan – their smiles will make your night!

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