Do The Hamptons Right This Summer

Do The Hamptons Right This Summer

Everyone should have a bucket list that includes spending at least one summer of their lives in the Hamptons. The Hamptons are home to amazing beaches, beautiful scenery, exquisite food, and luxurious getaways. Not only is it a hotspot during the summer tourist season, it is a place to unwind, appreciate, and lounge, especially if you’re doing it right. So, do it right! Here’s how:

1. Go to the beach
The Hamptons are known for their beaches. Stretching all the way from Westhampton Beach to Montauk, the beaches are a place to enjoy the sun during the day, and celebrate at night, shark-free (mostly). For those who don’t like the beach but still enjoy the water, there are many other options! Take a boat ride in the ocean or Jet Ski through the bay. Look out for whales! They have been spotted from the beach and it’s quite a beautiful sight.

2. Visit the vineyards
For the wine drinkers out there: the wineries in the Hamptons not only make for breathtaking scenery, but also for some great deals on wine tasting. Duck Walk Vineyards in Watermill hosts a Tasty Tuesday wine and cheese tasting, or if you’re looking to increase you’re knowledge of wine tasting, visit Channing Daughters in Bridgehampton and take a wine tasting class!


3. Eat out or in!
The food in the Hamptons is to die for and the varieties are endless. Hit up Jon Bon Jovi’s Blue Parrot for some amazing Mexican food, Red Bar for locally harvested oysters, or Rumba if you’re looking for some fancy drinks and a delicious meal on the water. Don’t feel like eating out? Grab some burgers and barbeque. There’s no better place for a barbeque then in the Hamptons, whether it’s on the beach, on the boat, or in the comfort of your own backyard.

4. Enjoy a night (or day) out with friends
Take a trip to Montauk and dance the night away at Sloppy Tuna, a restaurant, bar, and nightclub located on the beach in Montauk. There are two floors to relax and enjoy, or dance and live it up. If you’re looking for a good time on a Sunday, visit the infamous Boardy Barn for $2.00 draft beer all day! Look out; you’ll wind up leaving with yellow smiley face stickers covering your body from head to toe. Visit the Montauk Lighthouse, go golfing for the day, or visit one of the numerous museums the Hamptons have to offer.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, there is always fun to be had, time to be spent, and memories to be made in the Hamptons. Try to avoid the weekend traffic (no, I will not give away my secret back road route) and surrender to the moment.

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