Chance the Rapper Begs Barack to Return in “Come Back, Barack”

Chance the Rapper Begs Barack to Return in "Come Back, Barack"

When I found out that Chance the Rapper was going to host SNL I immediately made a point to catch the episode, even though SNL tends to be hit and miss recently (ahem, Larry David). But how can you ever go wrong with Chance? I actually can’t think of one bad thing Chance has done. Have you seen him challenge the building of an ill advised $95 million police academy in Chicago? There is a certain quality that is certainly a breathe of fresh air in an otherwise toxic climate. But, last night was Chance on another level. Oh, he even took his hat off.

In a move that will go down in probably one of the best skits on SNL, Chance did what we all do when we go through a break up; listen to R&B music. Well, Chance made an R&B song. More specifically, Chance made an R&B song about Barack Obama called “Come Back, Barack”. Not only did he recruit Keenan Thompson and Chris Redd, but he also mimicked one of the greatest R&B groups of all time; Boyz II Men. Between the ridiculous outfits, indoor sunglasses, and 200 candles (as Keenan so beautifully sang), this was an ode to probably the most loved presidents since Bill Clinton.

Does it get any funnier than this? Check it out below and stay till the end of the spoken verse and yes, Come Back, Barack!


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