Our 2017 Top Ten

Every year we see so much achievement from technology to apparel, but for some reason 2017 felt like the tide turned a bit faster, engulfing us in some of the most innovative tech, designs, and style of the past decade. Elon Musk continued to wow us with his concept of the future, and Apple is continuously putting out products that people still line up for. We curated some of our faves from this past year.

Tesla Semi 

This might not be a sexy start, but Tesla has proven that it is more than just making cool cars for eccentric people in Beverly Hills. Elon Musk’s mind has now broached the world of trucking, which believe it or not, makes this country go round. The trucking industry is by far one of the, if not the most, productive aspect of shipping in the United States. Tesla introduced the Semi recently to revolutionize that system. The Semi is a behemoth that not only conserves the notion of gas but also instills an integrated AI for fleets. Couple that with dedication location services and you have a pretty bright future.


Nintendo Switch 

Has there ever been a more anticipated system? Nintendo has it’s fair share of duds over the year, but man oh man did it deliver some promise this past year. With the whole gaming world watching, Nintendo gave us the best (and only) portable and home gaming solution. It didn’t hurt that the Game of the Year was also on the Switch. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was easily the most fun game we experienced this year and not to mention it was so beautiful. To be able to play a game at home and then without any hiccups play that same game on a plane, car, or outside, is beyond a doubt the future. Check a more detailed analysis here.

iPhone X 


Sure Apple drops a new phone(s) every year, but this year included a very special addition; the iPhone X. From inception it was a polarizing device, with both sides of the fence equally ecstatic and indifferent. Yet, Apple’s 10th anniversary device (like it or not) stood out at the end of the year. The device which has an edge to edge display coupled with full facial recognition has turned into not only one of the best selling phones of the year, but also ever. Apple put together a device that has hands down one of the best cameras on a cellular device and will shape the future of VR and AI. Needless to say, we’re fans.

Google Pixel 2 / Google Pixel 2 XL 

You can’t talk about Apple without bringing up it’s competitors. Google might have given us the best response this year (Sorry Samsung) with the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL. The phones which followed up the lukewarm response of last year’s model build on the unlimited storage shtick with a powerhouse device that not only sports one of the better batteries in the game, but probably the best camera. We can all accept the fact that Google Assistant is light years ahead of Siri and that isn’t even a discussion, which makes it having amazing additions like the Google Home and the Google Pixel Buds.

Off White x Air Jordan 1 

Has there been a more hyped release than the Off White x Nike collaboration? Our whole team took heavy Ls when it came to The Ten from Off White and Nike, a collection of some of Nike’s greatest shoes with an Off White touch. As the 10 pairs of shoes achieved legendary status by year’s end, none were as enigmatic as the Air Jordan 1 collab. An off the wall rendition of a celebrated classic, the Air Jordan 1 has become the most sought after shoe from the collection. If you ended up with a pair, we are extremely jealous.

Nike Vapormax

It’s hard to have this list without including our Shoe of the Year. The shoe is light, easy on the eyes, and incredibly comfortable. Nike has had a banner year when it comes to shoes and this was no exception. The Vapormax came in a few colorways (including the vaunted Clot collab), and has been a staple of everyone’s collection this year. Make sure to grab it if you haven’t.

Xbox One X

In a year that Nintendo won the console wars, Microsoft went and quietly dropped the most powerful system out. The Xbox One X packs 40% more power than any other console, and dropped 4K HDR compatibility alongside with it. And it’s smaller than the S. Whoa.

Apple AirPods

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the AirPods were released but man have they got a following over these past few months, leading to the usual Apple “out of stock” syndrome. The AirPods are wireless, sleek, and compact. They fit snug in the ear and pair flawlessly with your device. Now, I still think they look hilarious in the ear, but hey to each his or her own!


Although not a physical product, MoviePass, has become a power house in the entertainment world. A subscription service that costs $9.95 a month, MoviePass allows it’s customers to go to the movie theaters as many times as they want in a month. In a world that streaming services are winning the race with cinemas, this is a great service for movie lovers. You really only need to see one movie a month to make up the cost, making it a solid investment this coming year.


Hulu, Amazon, and HBO might have had some great content this year, but Netflix once again reigned supreme. From Stranger Things, Ozark, Master of None, House of Cards, The Defenders, Bright, and so much more, has there been a service with that many hits? It’s not just one or two shows or movies, but hit after hit. Netflix cancelled a handful of shows this year, but so what? They have the gall to cancel shows to move forward with better content, and unlike cable, the politics are cut short. Just don’t change your password.


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