A Drinking Man’s Game: Corgi Spirits “Bee Blossom Gin”

A Drinking Man's Game: Corgi Spirits "Bee Blossom Gin"

Nothing can be better than building a quality relationship. Since the inception of A.D.M.G, we’ve cultivated many new affiliations, but our friends at Corgi Distillery have definitely been a favorite. So naturally with a new menu and the launch of their exclusive Bee Blossom Gin this past weekend, it was only right I pop in to support and taste this premium spirit.

With weather still being an issue in the NYC area, I’ve been searching for some sort of indication that warmer temperatures are on the way. It seems like all I can do is envision the spring and summer days ahead. With that said the next best thing to do is recreate balmy days of the past. I feel like this winter is that spiteful ex-girlfriend doing everything she can to stop whatever glimpse of serenity we have. You know what I say to that is don’t be bitter, be better winter. So in true rebellious fashion I decided to take some initiative. I pulled out all my spring clothes and started blasting my new spring playlist. Now what goes better with music than drinks? You guys know it was only right I made drinks that made me think of warmer days.

I don’t what it is, but this “warmer weather we’re out of winter push” has put my spare liquor stash in the cobra clutch. But, I wouldn’t be the world renowned Spirits Detective better if there wasn’t a Plan-B, Plan-C, and hell a slew of other thoughts to make sure I get the most of my liquor experience. That’s when I remembered Corgi is known for their signature cocktails and that I was overdue to drop by. So I hit my guy Bob, owner and operator of Corgi, to see what was new and how they were gearing up for this upcoming season. Excitingly Bob suggested we stop in to get a feel for the all new spring menu and Bee Blossom Gin which was launching soon.

Upon arriving at Corgi, I was greeted by one of the bartenders by the name of Barb. After some good conversation, it was time to get to business! Barb explained to me that she was one of the people responsible for creating some the cocktails on the new spring menu. Me being the lush I am I had to ask for some suggestions. Barb suggested I start with a few of her favorites, one of which included the Cheeky Peach. Being that the Cheeky Peach is prepared with Corgi infamous Earl Grey Gin, I was completely for it. There’s no doubt that this will forever be my go to cocktail at Corgi. With a recipe compiled of ginger, lime, vanilla, and the given peach, this cocktail mixed oh so well with the Earl Grey Gin. To top it off, Corgi uses a smoke aroma which “beefs” up the Cheeky Peach. As a huge fan of, ginger, and vanilla, I wasn’t surprised that I instantly fell in love with this.

A Drinking Man's Game: Corgi Spirits "Bee Blossom Gin"

Let me not forget the spirit of the hour though. Corgi’s Bee Blossom Gin is another home run for Bob and team. Without a doubt, Corgi distills some of the best gin on the market, and if you haven’t had it yet you are letting yourself down. I was already championing their signature Pembroke Gin and Earl Grey Gin, but the Bee Blossom jumps right up there as well. I’m sure you can assume what happened after I sampled the Bee Blossom. Yup, I looked at that new menu and found the exact drinks that featured it and knew what I was having next. Creativity being the piece that I favor most with cocktails, I instantly gravitated to the Pinky Out. Topped with egg whites, raspberry, lemon and dry vermouth I definitely found the one that people will flock to. No exaggerations either, if I could drink this everyday, I probably would. It’s the cocktail that I was searching for to rid me of my winter blues. It was like the honey hints within the gin and the egg white froth were layered on a sophisticated raspberry lemonade. This stuff was phenomenal!

A Drinking Man's Game: Corgi Spirits "Bee Blossom Gin"

I was only a few cocktails in, yet I was fully prepared to explore this new premium gin Corgi had to offer. I immediately asked for the second Bee Blossom signature cocktail, The Goldfinger. You must give credit when credit is due, and The Goldfinger is definitely worthy. Corgi hit the nail on the head with their execution on spring. The Goldfinger features apricot, lemon, cherry and angostura bitters. Those flavors do nothing less than scream warm spring weather. I don’t know how spring is near all of you, but these are relaxing in a park and just being of the ambience flavors. The apricot and lemon mixed well with the Bee Blossom. It kind of reminded me of tea, not like sick tea, but tea. I’m probably going to have make another appearance this weekend, I feel one of those Homer drools creeping up. Chalk this cocktail up in the win column for Corgi, this one definitely has my cosign.

A Drinking Man's Game: Corgi Spirits "Bee Blossom Gin"

It’s evident that Corgi knows how to make a next level gin. That along with the sheer creativity and thought in their drinks makes it a joy to experience. This was another opportunity to get an early taste of what they are working on, and it’s evident that a lot of time and effort is placed in their craft. To our Corgi family, thank you again and don’t be surprised if I end up a fixture, it can be like the 2018 Cheers.

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