The Boys – A Cultural Phenomenon

The Boys - A Cultural Phenomenon

Has there ever been a show to take a nation by storm like The Boys? Fuck no. Sorry, I am quoting Homelander again (the psychopath Superman type played by the always amazing Anthony Starr). The show took the things people hate about Marvel/DC movies and flipped it on its proverbial head, effectively causing a lovely decapitation. The series, an adaption of Garth Ennis’ book of the same name, has had 3 well received seasons which have pushed the limits of not just gore but aspects of television. The tongue in cheek commenting on current politics and hedonism is coupled with dark humor and layered acting. There is a certain tempo throughout that makes 8 episodes go by very quickly. This can be attributed to creator Eric Kripke, but also a studded cast made up of Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Anthony Starr, and others.

The cast took to the stage at NYCC and had fun with the crowd, sometimes really blurring the line between acting and reality. NYCC absolutely went bonkers not only for them, but the coming season. Hopefully we see them again in the coming years.

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