The Rise Of The Cartels

We somehow didn’t learn our lesson from Prohibition. The Prohibition era is embedded in the minds of Americans as one of our biggest blunders. How could we possibly think outlawing alcohol would be a good idea?! Let’s be realistic here ­ people are always going to drink, whether the law says they can or not. And if they can’t get alcohol legally, they will get it otherwise. Enter … Continue reading The Rise Of The Cartels

Snowden: A Hero With Villain Paint

A few days after the Edward Snowden files were released, I got a call from my friend who works with the military. He told me, “As much as I love you and my family, if I were him, I’d do it too. I’d have to do it, for the good of this country, our people, and our freedom.” It may sound unpatriotic, even blasphemous.   Imagine you … Continue reading Snowden: A Hero With Villain Paint

Did The New York Times Purposely Leave Out Details About Ferguson?

Cries of “No justice; no peace,” and “Hands up; don’t shoot” have been the mantra of protesters in Ferguson, Mo. ever since the shooting of Michael Brown on Aug. 9. The first one is the most traditional protest chant in the wake of racially charged cases, and has been for decades. Philosophically, it makes perfect sense. Any society that abandons the pursuit of justice or selectively applies it … Continue reading Did The New York Times Purposely Leave Out Details About Ferguson?

America: Home of the Free or Not?

At this point, I believe most of America knows the story behind the debacle in Missouri. A young African-American man, Mike Brown, was killed in a highly contested arrest, and left dead on the streets for longer than necessary. The locals have responded with anger, riots, and in some cases, looting. As the nation slowly sifts through piles of fluff to get to the core … Continue reading America: Home of the Free or Not?

This Is Not A Muslim Vs. Jewish Problem

I’ve been mulling this piece on the current Middle East conflict for a few days. Even right now, I’m staring at my phone, looking for answers to the questions posed by the world we live in. Missing a few soft deadlines has only put more pressure on the words that will soon fill this article. In the few days i’ve waited, nothing has changed. As … Continue reading This Is Not A Muslim Vs. Jewish Problem

Snowden Exposes a Country’s Dirty Secrets

Edward Snowden was a spy who worked for the National Security Administration or National Spy Organization. He is also a hero for putting is life on the line for our freedom. He revealed NSA’s ability to store enormous amount of personal information on every American citizen. This is a bombshell that threatens the freedom of the all of us. In essence the technology to spy … Continue reading Snowden Exposes a Country’s Dirty Secrets

The Responsibility of Power

Marvel’s Peter Parker (Spider-Man) had an interesting catchphrase; with great power comes great responsibility. It seems almost too simple, yet in actuality, holds a larger truth inside. In our world, the realm of entertainment holds a valuable sway over the majority. The average folks live and die on their favorite soap, primetime television, and sport team. Our entertainment is what makes us tick on a day to … Continue reading The Responsibility of Power