Bob’s Burgers: “Dawn Of The Peck”


Any episode that has Regular-Sized Rudy throwing a baby-sized water bottle in order to save the day is obviously an amazing episode. End of review. Period.

Oh you want more? Fine non-believers, but Regular-Sized Rudy has officially become one of my favorite characters on Bob’s Burgers and I don’t care who knows it. “Dawn of the Peck” is a Thanksgiving episode which tops last year’s, “Turkey on the Can”, but doesn’t quite match its heart. Bob’s favorite holiday is not going the way he wants again this year as we open on the Belchers splitting up with Bob spending a drunken day by himself trying to forget it is Thanksgiving and remembering why Donna Summers rocks so hard (as an aside, who is with me in doing a Kickstarter to fund a John H. Benjamin Donna Summers cover album?) while Linda and the kids are off to a doomed turkey run and half priced rides (Bob is the only one who is passive aggressively bitter, everyone else is excited by half price rides and baby-water bottles).


Things at the Wonder Wharf go straight to hell immediately after the start of the race as the kids end up in peril on a pseudo-teacup ride and Linda and her fellow Turkey-Trotters end up being chased by fowl.  Meanwhile, Bob is back at home with his daytime whiskey warming up his vocals completely oblivious to the disaster quickly engulfing the town and ends up scoring Linda’s failed attempt to the save the kids. This balance of everyday boredom and insane disaster perfectly complement each other to fuse the two plotlines together. I’m going to do a music analogy so stay with me, this episode was really like an amazing Pixies song, quiet in the verse (Bob’s daydrinking) and loud in the chorus (Linda and the Turkey run), each part highlighting how different they are.  Making the quiet parts seem even more sparse and the loud part even more chaotic.


I’m giving this episode an A- because the wrap-up was a little too neat and on the whole there wasn’t as much heart as I would have wanted in a holiday episode. Case in point, the most sentimental scene was between Bob and his Turkey baster. On a whole though, any episode that ends with Bob introducing Regular-sized Rudy to Donna Summers can’t be that bad.


Grade A-

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