The USA Needs Better NHL Fans

Watching Canadian hockey fans in the playoffs brings out the emotions of a sport that is built on moments.  From the the perennial contender the Montreal Canadians to the Cinderella hopefuls the Calgary Flames (who haven’t been to the playoffs since 2009) there is a vast array of storylines to follow over the next two months. While these franchises all have their unique histories there … Continue reading The USA Needs Better NHL Fans

Spiderhunt – “New Girl”

When Cece finally admits to Jess that yes, she does in fact like Schmidt yet again, there is a true sense of emotion that she conveys. “How could I not like him, he’s perfect,” she explains as the man she has fallen head over heels for again tries to perfect his burn against a spider. That dichotomy between silliness and sincerity is the underpinnings of … Continue reading Spiderhunt – “New Girl”

New Girl: “Sharks”

After a long winter break shows are starting to creep back into their regular time slots. This is a time for shows for change things up to improve their ratings, buck old formulas in search of better ratings and altogether experiment a little. The Mindy Project is off to California for a while,Modern Family changed the core structure of their episodes for their first week … Continue reading New Girl: “Sharks”

New Girl: “Girl Fight”

A reoccurring theme of New Girl’s fourth season has been the ease of having multiple characters weave in and out of each others’ stories. This has been discussed in reviews previously but the show demonstrates on a weekly basis that it understands its characters well enough that it can mix and match the situations and deliver an above average episode. Not only does this make … Continue reading New Girl: “Girl Fight”

Bob’s Burgers: “Dawn Of The Peck”

Any episode that has Regular-Sized Rudy throwing a baby-sized water bottle in order to save the day is obviously an amazing episode. End of review. Period. Oh you want more? Fine non-believers, but Regular-Sized Rudy has officially become one of my favorite characters on Bob’s Burgers and I don’t care who knows it. “Dawn of the Peck” is a Thanksgiving episode which tops last year’s, “Turkey on the … Continue reading Bob’s Burgers: “Dawn Of The Peck”

New Girl: “Teachers”

If there is one thing that the characters of New Girl have perfected throughout its run it is the ability to run away from learning how to make themselves better. We see this multiple times throughout “Teachers”, twice literally, and this fact showcases how scared the core cast is of exposing their true weaknesses. The only difference here though is that they are forced to deal with … Continue reading New Girl: “Teachers”

Arrow: “The Secret Origin Of Felicity Smoak”

Yesterday’s episode of Arrow demonstrates that as much as the show is in the superhero genre it is at the same time just another CW program. The CW has a way of speaking to the teenage and young adult audience that the other major markets just don’t seen to grasp or even care about. They understand that by putting good looking people in life or death … Continue reading Arrow: “The Secret Origin Of Felicity Smoak”

The Walking Dead: “Four Walls And A Roof”

  Heading into the fifth season of The Walking Dead the viewer should now have a keen understanding of the constants that the show delivers. Start with the group thinking they are safe, introduce or reintroduce a human threat, sew seeds of discontent throughout the group to play out moral decisions, have group come together over adversity to live another day. Oh right, sprinkle some … Continue reading The Walking Dead: “Four Walls And A Roof”