A Drinking Man’s Game: Corgi Spirits

A Drinking Man's Game: Corgi Spirits

Man, I couldn’t wait to share this week’s installment of “A Drinking Man’s Game” with you guys! I’ve been fortunate enough to taste and review three exclusively distilled spirits from the Corgi distillery located in the state I was born and raised in; New Jersey. As you may know, the most intriguing part about ADMG is the process of attaining new spirits. It’s such a thrill to learn about the brands that I have the privilege of experiencing. With that being said, it was a honor to not only taste Corgi’s exclusive spirits but also learn about the Corgi brand and mission.

Okay, so lets get down to business. These were three different spirits, which means I was buzzed longer than normal in order to bring you all this piece. Not to say I’m a drunkard, but when you have a bungee cord, why not jump? Corgi’s exclusive spirits are their Pembroke Gin, Saddlecoat Vodka and their renowned Earl Gray Gin. Eager to commence the tasting, the hounds tooth labeling of the Pembroke Gin immediately caught my eye. Some of you may ask, what the hell is hounds tooth? Scenarios such as this one is when being married plays in your favor. After her 15 minute tutoring on the subject of patterns, I come to realize how tasty the Pembroke Gin was. This stuff was next level great! It was easy on the pallet and screamed have another. So guess what I did? I had another without hesitation. This time I decided to be more creative and add some cucumber. Then I made a dirty martini followed by a gin and tonic. Although these were classic cocktails, one taste of Corgis Pembroke Gin will have you pillaging your bar while your creative juices get flowing. Got to love the unintentional puns.

A Drinking Man's Game: Corgi Spirits

True to Corgi’s British theme, the Saddlecoat Vodka garnered a sense of prestige and sophistication. That called for a simplistic approach to the preparation for this cocktail. I preferred to keep it neat, as a smooth vodka it is best consumed without mixers. This brought me to my final tasting of the well-crafted spirits; the Earl Grey Gin.

A Drinking Man's Game: Corgi Spirits

I’ve been hearing about the Earl Grey Gin for sometime now. Our Editor in Chief offered we spar if I didn’t leave him at least half the bottle to try. At first, I thought to myself could this stuff be that good that I would having to defend myself in hand to hand combat? I mean, I am a boozer too but my friend you may need to see someone. To be honest with you, I was confused to how to even prepare the Earl Grey Gin. So with neat being old reliable, it was my immediate choice. No need for icing and or chilling, I wanted to taste this in all its splendor. I needed to understand what was so special about this gin.

A Drinking Man's Game: Corgi Spirits

Something important to note, I am absolutely amazed by the Earl Grey Gin. I now understand the need for potential fisticuffs. The presence of Earl Grey Tea blossomed at the end of every sip. Corgi definitely has a true gem with this infused gin. As with the Saddlecoat Vodka, there is not a need to disrupt the natural flavor of the spirit. It is apparent that Corgi created this infusion to dance on the pallet of its drinker.

Along with these satiating spirits, Corgi also has a really interesting mission. They are heavily involved in philanthropy in the Jersey City community. This includes donating to multiple charities and even giving a portion of their proceeds to a local Jersey City adoption charity. Cheers to that! If you happen to be in the Tri-State area definitely stop by the Corgi Distillery and taste some of their superb spirits. If you aren’t make sure this your purchase this week. If your local store isn’t a stockist yet, do yourself a favor and request Corgi – it’s phenomenal.

A Drinking Man's Game: Corgi Spirits

Check out Corgi Spirits below:

Corgi Spirits 



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