Sons Of Anarchy: “Faith And Despondency”


Shows on television come and go. We are addicted to them, binge watch them, and at times, revolve around them every week they’re on the air. Yet, when they’re gone, they’re gone. I doubt the same will be said about the enigmatic ‘Sons of Anarchy’ which has boasted some of the most iconic characters of our time (Charlie Hunnam’s Jax Teller) and some of the best television cross marketing (The Reaper merchandise, Harley-Davidson, etc.) around. As the final season draws to a close, we find ourselves on the brink of our seats, waiting for an action packed finale. Yet, we’re on there yet, so settle back down. Actually, don’t.

 The tenth episode of this fast paced season ‘Faith and Despondency’ brought us new journeys, and the end of many. The episode opens on several of our favorite Sons indulging in carnal behaviors, some more shocking (Tig and Venus! Juice and Tully!!) and some, not so shocking (Gemma/Nero, and Jax/new girl). This new girl happens to be a porn star, but one that actually seems to care about Jax. We’ve all seen what happens to women that care about him. Hope the best to you love. The Tig story line has gotten more interesting, if not incredibly weird, finally outing the character. We have seen him and Venus flirt many a times, as well as imply their dalliances, but this is the first time we have seen them actually in bed together. This really wraps up Tig’s character in my eyes, as he finally has a constant. A small storyline of the episode focused on Venus feeling he wasn’t good enough or ahem, woman enough for Tig, before having a warm hearted tete a tete with Alexander (Tig). Finally Tig! Goggin’s Venus has been a standout these past two seasons, with an award’s nomination deserved. Now!
Sutter is a genius in knowing how to wrap up presents to give us, and avenging Bobby is no different. After his gruesome, yet needed death, we find Jax concocting a genius plan with Tully’s new general (Leyland met mayhem when he tried to murder Eglee, at the hands of Wayne). This includes Rat and T.O. getting kidnapped by Moses (damn you Tyler), in retaliation for the arrest of August Marks, and to find out where the defendants are. T.O. can’t take the torture, and seemingly gives up the safe house. As Moses makes his way to the house, we realize it was a set up by the Sons and their new White Power allies. After all of Moses’ men are gunned down, Jax and crew take him out the way Bobby was killed (eye, hand, and finishing with an execution-style head shot). I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a melee against a bad guy since the season 3 finale. We all saw Moses meeting the reaper sooner or later, but this clarifies it as clean as we’d hope. What happens to Marks next? I have no idea, but I doubt it’s not much different than his predecessor, Mr. Pope.
With all this going on, no one is paying attention to a mentally scarred Abel, who has a gash on his head that he claims came from his little brother. As the school checks his story we find the Teller gang mired in a child services ordeal, because his claim that it was from Gemma. Two of the most heart breaking scenes of SOA occurred tonight, beginning with Abel cutting himself with a fork in the school bathroom. After going home, and having Gemma barred from seeing the children, Jax had an engaging talk with his son, that lead to him explaining to Abel how Wendy is his real mom, in front of Wendy (cue heart breaking scene two). It was another storyline that needed closure, but ended with Abel telling his dad that Gemma killed Tara. Uh oh.
That crazy reveal not withstanding, Sutter delivered another masterpiece, even giving us Juice becoming prison fodder to Tully and essentially becoming a coke head. The fact he can pack so much in 60-70 minutes, is insane. The man has really left some of the best for last, leaving me wanting more (only four episodes left), with so much story left to go. Go Netflix the hell out of this show, and catch up. You’ll thank me later.
Grade: A+

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