5 Questions with Germany’s Güney Durmus

5 Questions with Germany's Güney Durmus

We recently had the opportunity to sit and talk to Güney Durmus, who is a renowned Music Promoter based in Düsseldorf, Germany.  Güney is a voting member of the Grammy Recording Academy, and promotes artists worldwide. He works in collaboration with numerous music agencies in the USA and Europe.

You have been a staple of the music scene for quite some time now, being behind some great projects, what should we be looking for in the coming months?

I am currently working with several artists from Germany and the USA. These artists includes DJ KC, Hollywood & The Side Effects, Djane LiJa, Aaron Paul,  and Snoop Dogg, which were released just a few weeks ago or are set for release soon. Of course the titles will also play on American radio, since we have been working with one of the largest radio networks in the USA.

Germany is one of the powerhouses of the EU, and has become the leader of the region. Do you feel the same can be said about the music industry? What strengths are you seeing in Germany when it comes to music?

You’re right. The German music market is in great demand and shouldn’t be ignored. However, many artists are annoyed that the German music market doesn’t allow them to establish themselves or get any airplay on the radio. In my opinion, radio stations have to do more for their national artists. At the last music fair in Frankfurt, I addressed this topic again. I really hope something will happen here and that major labels will make a little room for new artists.

How do you choose new projects? Is there something you want to work on that you have not had the chance yet?

Actually, a lot of national and international artists find their way to me. Being honored as 2016’s best LGBT music promoter in New York and a member of the Grammy Recording Academy are decisive and crucial. Of course, music titles have to meet international standards, as that’s a requirement. Only good productions will find listeners and create a demand. But sometimes I find very good productions on social platforms or in my inbox. I support independent artists and also work as a curator (consultant) in networks with some of music’s elites. I am happy to work on all types of new projects and challenges.


What has been your favorite collaboration thus far? Is there any one that sticks out in your mind?

In the past few years, I collaborated with many different artists from various genres, which is why it isn’t easy for me to answer the question. I had productions in the top 10 in US club charts, and numerous artist placements or international nominations. Of course I am happy when I can present artists or songs in the right light. We caused an international boom with “I´m The Sh*t” by JSNAKE featuring RnR and PMoody. The title reached the top 10 in virtually every international DJ pool.

Can you tell us about some of the collaborations that are coming up for you?

Currently, productions by Jordan Freewood, Michael Ameer and Larry Hawthorne are in the pipeline. At the same time, I am also working with DJ KC from the Wiesbaden area, who is set to release a remix album featuring some noted artists in the near future. I am really looking forward to upcoming meetings with a music publishing house from Munich, where I will act as the US correspondent.




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