A Samsung Smart Car In The Future?

A Samsung Smart Car In The Future?

Korean electronics giant Samsung does not want to get left behind as the auto industry accelerates into the 21st century. It has announced a series of auto-related initiatives in the last few weeks. On Wednesday, the family conglomerate announced the creation of a new team that would focus on products for the auto sector, including autonomous driving technologies and android car dvd. This of course begs the question … Continue reading A Samsung Smart Car In The Future?

World AIDS Day: An AIDS Free World Is Within Reach

Nearly 30 years after the first diagnoses of AIDS, more than one million people in the United States are infected with HIV today, with an additional 50,000 people estimated to become infected every year.  Even more alarming is the rate of the millennial generation contracting HIV, which consists of twenty-six percent of newly infected people. In an age with information so readily available, it is … Continue reading World AIDS Day: An AIDS Free World Is Within Reach

Ebola: A State Of Fear

Ebola’s arrival has understandably put Americans in a state of fear. Paranoia has become the more acceptable and precautionary strategy to handle our inner psyche, emotions, and behavior, and it seems to be spreading quicker than the actual virus. During any time of crisis, we shine our spotlight and shift attention to our nation’s leaders, as we seek for a resolution to ease our fears. … Continue reading Ebola: A State Of Fear

Senegal Goes Green For Education

Project Bright For Senegal, an initiative of the Mouvement PAS Foundation, has launched solar powered learning centers (SLPC) for primary school students in regions of Senegal that have been affected by floods and subsequent financial instability. The SLPC’s are equipped with laptops and Internet access and geared towards learners up to age 7.  Similar classrooms in Senegal have been using US technology from CyberSmart to … Continue reading Senegal Goes Green For Education

Alaskan Reporter Quits On Air

Alaskan Reporter Charlo Greene quits on air after revealing her involvement with legalizing marijuana. But never mind the pot, let’s look at the way in which this was done. Firstly, as a fellow TV Host I find the use of inappropriate language to do only one thing here. And that’s make Charlo look like she is dramatic and begging for attention. I am by no way an angel … Continue reading Alaskan Reporter Quits On Air

Decriminalizing Marijuana in Philly

In an effort to decriminalize marijuana in Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter confirmed Monday, September 8, that he would sign a bill into law called the Philadelphia Marijuana Decriminalization Bill. The bill states, “Non-violent drug and alcohol abuse is proven to cause long-term health risks and should be dealt with as a public health issue, not as a criminal issue.” It says that criminally punishing the possession of small … Continue reading Decriminalizing Marijuana in Philly

Drawbacks of Obamacare

Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, was signed into law in March 2010. On the surface-level, its promise to provide healthcare to millions of uninsured Americans sounds only like a benefit. While high-earners, corporations, and certain healthcare sectors are negatively affected by the law, those under the age of 35 are also specifically affected. Three reasons why: 1. Young people get sick less. … Continue reading Drawbacks of Obamacare