Bob’s Burgers: “Father Of The Bob”


Once again it is the yuletide season and what better way to spend it than having the kids half-assedly, and subsequently whole-assedly, making presents for Bob out of trash (“One man’s garbage is another man’s gift for their dad” – Tina Belcher ladies and gentlemen). We also get a chance to meet Bob’s father for first time (we did meet him briefly last season but it was off screen and voiced by Jon H. Benjamin so it doesn’t count) and watch Linda getting bombed on ‘Christmas Spirit’. From the start, the best surprise of the episode is how fully formed Big Bob right out of the gate. Not only does he have perfect mannerisms but he also has his own set of regulars that have become a makeshift family in the same way that Mort and Teddy are to Bob.

Using flashbacks the show illustrates exactly why Bob would need a fifteen minute time limit when interacting with his father, whether it’s the birth of his eldest son or the opening of Bob’s Burgers. The former having a great gag about Bob leaving even though the scene takes place inside of his own house. Daddy issues, we all got them; even Teddy who has cousin issues, sexy blonde cousin issues (at least he has Mass-ketball to look forward to).

During all of the awkward moment between father and son we find the kids throwing a Hail Mary pass. They have forgotten a Christmas present for Bob and are assembling one now from crap they can find in Big Bob’s basement. This quickly turns into a competition between Louise and Tina, sorry Gene your bean can drum set never stood a chance, making a Super Chair and a Super Mouse Trap, respectively.  The one-upmanship is played perfectly with Tina adding more useless stuff to the chair in order to beat Louise. Some of the highlights include the basketball, notepad, and the taped battery on the back of the chair that leads to the destruction of both gifts. Tina flies too close to the sun once again.

By the third act, Bob and Big Bob are no longer talking because Bob showed him up in his own restaurant and it’s up to Nick Offerman (who may be my favorite guest star of the year, playing a non-stereotypical owner of a gay bar that’s going stronger and gayer than ever!) to bring Bob to his watering hole to apologize.  Even though we’re just meeting Big Bob, you can feel the love between the two characters as Bob apologizes, not for his actions but for the way he handled their break, and Big Bob admitting he’s not the easiest person to work for. In the end Linda and the kids take over Big Bob’s Diner, perfectly illustrating that this show may be about a bunch of misfits but at the end of the day they love and support each other no matter how many bean baths Gene takes.

Grade: A-

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