The Beauty of the Beast

The Beauty of the Beast

With everything that has gone on with the NFL this year it has been hard for many to find much positives related to the sport. Whether it be the concern of debilitating long-term injuries or the league’s stance on how players have reacted to social injustices, there seems to be a slew of things that have caused some to be disinterested in football. In the midst of all that has occurred it was easy to overlook that this has been one of the greatest NFL seasons of all time, and we can attribute it to one thing; Marshawn Lynch. He is literally a national treasure, and it is our responsibility to protect him at all costs. This is not even about his season or play on field. This is about the personality and sight it has been watching Marshawn be Marshawn. In my eyes, the NFL and Marshawn Lynch are partners. He literally marches to the beat of his own drum and only does things how he wants to do them. In a league where many of its players are hesitant to speak their minds, that is clearly not the case with Lynch. Unfiltered, unapologetic, unfazed and always unscripted, there is never a boring moment with Marshawn.

With his return to football this year, Lynch opted to play for his hometown Oakland Raiders. His style and the atmosphere of the organization seemed to be a hand in glove fit. From the diehard fan base, to the gambling style of the coaching and play calling, everything seems to be exactly where he should be now in his career. The NFL did not feel the same without Marshawn. Over his top tier career, we all know he has given us a laundry list of highlights, but he has also given us some of the greatest quotes, and soundbites one could desire. Whether it was small behind the scenes moments, him during interviews, his love for Skittles or that time he weaved through the entire field driving a cart, there have been countless moments that we just won’t see again. These are things we cherished about his career and time in the NFL. In a league that can seem so structured and confined there was always one guy that did his own thing without hesitation.

With all of his classic moments, we got to thinking about how enjoyable and entertaining it is to watch Marshawn. We also started brainstorming some avenues after the game that would catapult him into new places. This ten minutes discussion quickly turned into an hour conversation. I mean let’s really think about this. Can you even name a moment that Marshawn Lynch couldn’t improve? His new series with Bleacher Report “No Script” takes us through many outlandish antics with the Oakland RB, but is that all we could see him in?  We literally sat back and discussed what we would like to see from Marshawn Lynch.

1. A Late Night series

Could you imagine Marshawn with his own Late Night Show? Imagine him giving us his a nightly view on everything going on in the world today. I honestly feel like there would barely be a need for writers, and his natural presences and humor would guide the series.

2. A Clip Show

This one is tailor made for Lynch. His reactions are priceless, and made him one of the most quotable athletes of our generation. With Marshawn having the greatest video clips across the internet, or best tweets, or most insane posts, the outcome could be comedy gold.

3. A Travel Show where he enjoys local food and culture

We have gotten to see Marshawn do some traveling during the time he took away from football, and it was amazing. This would possibly be our favorite type of show. Seeing him interact with the indigenous people of these places, he ventured to, while discovering their culture and delicacies.

It’s safe to say this list could probably go on and on as thoughts began to manifest upon what Lynch could do after football. With his show with Bleacher Report “No Script” we do get a glimpse into seeing Marshawn just have fun, which as you can imagine is hilarious. I feel that is just the tip of the iceberg though. With his natural charisma, blunt honesty that makes him hilarious and a genuine demeanor, there are a caveat of things that could make him as entertaining off the field as he is on the field.

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