Reebok is looking to Flex

Reebok is looking to Flex

Didn’t it feel like January lasted forever? In addition, doesn’t it feel like February is going by in a flash? I’m not sure about any of you, but I wanted to actually take the time to enjoy the scenery in February. With that said, March does have some things to look forward to in my opinion. The first of what I am truly anticipating is the Reebok FAST Flexweave. I won’t deny it, the teasers and build up to these really have me intrigued. You all know artisanship, and attention to detail are key to me. You also know that I can and will always appreciate the small hints and accents that speak to the creation of a release. Those details are what can really separate a good shoe from a great shoe. Those same details seem to be prevalent with the Flexweave, so this gives me great confidence in what we may be getting.

Sewn uppers have been the rave for the last couple of years, but Reebok is pushing things to another level. The FAST Flexweave is not your standard knit; it’s a fully woven upper with Reebok’s Figure-8 Weave technology, which is actually far stronger than what we are normally accustomed to in most knitted shoes. However, it is not just the strength of the Flexweave that Reebok is upholding either. The support, flexibility, and breathability are all being said to be unparalleled as well. That time and dedication into conception really has me eager to get my hands on these. Too often do we see companies put out a product just to compete, that is not what’s happening here. Reebok is looking to innovate, to push things to greater heights, and that is something that is going to be enjoyable for the consumer. When a bar is reset, the landscape of the rest of the market has to adjust with it. That also leads those who set that bar to look to outdo themselves. So, with the bar Reebok is looking to set with the launch expect some things to shift in the future.

The Fast Flexweave has been a collaborative creation for Reebok. They enlisted Joe Doucet, Modla, and Odd Matter throughout the design process for the FAST Flexweave. The most interesting part to me is that while they spoke to the shoe they all pointed out that Flexweave has such great potential as a material that it could easily cross over into other uses. That is something that raises an eyebrow for me honestly, and literally since hearing that we at SOCIAL have been discussing different applications for the material. As we get more details, we will definitely keep you updated on the Reebok FAST Flexweave and its launch, which is slated for March 1st. In the meantime, let us know what you think so far, but these are going to be one you look to get your hands on. Head over to Reebok for Launch details

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