Adonis Creed Gets Signature Collection

Who knew the Rocky series would be able to catapult passed the success it has achieved over 40 years? Not a lot of people had faith in the barely tested Michael B. Jordan when he was given the mantle of the franchise. Yet, here he is on the second movie, Creed II, which drops Thanksgiving. Michael B. has launched his career since then, becoming one … Continue reading Adonis Creed Gets Signature Collection

Nike: House of Innovation NYC

Nike has always listened to it’s consumers, leading the industry when it comes to not just product, but also technology. This has stayed true in the face of an evolving consumer; us. As traditional brick and mortars start to falter and even close shop, Nike is making a bold statement with their new House of Innovation 000 in NYC. The 68,000 square foot flagship is … Continue reading Nike: House of Innovation NYC

Daredevil Season 3: Best Season of Television?

It’s hard to quantify what is good television anymore. There is just TOO much out there. Think of a network. I can most likely make a case for at least 2 shows being the best thing out. Netflix has been throwing things against a wall for at least the last 5 years and hoping something sticks. More often than not, it does. The Netflix Marvel … Continue reading Daredevil Season 3: Best Season of Television?

The New Hu Collection Honors East Africa

Adidas Originals has been such a hit this year, extending past the Yeezy line. Interestingly enough, the less flashy Pharrell has given us some great footwear and clothing from his Human Race (Hu) series. The line has become an instant hit, making them the go to shoe for consumers and hypebeasts alike. Embodying certain values that Pharrell has and wants to spread in this world, … Continue reading The New Hu Collection Honors East Africa

Body Armor – Superior Hydration

Many companies and products often boast about the quality and innovation their products bring. They often claim to be the best-new-cutting edge product in their respective markets, and frankly a lot of them don’t live up to the hype. With BODYARMOR that’s not the case. A few weeks back we were lucky enough to receive a variety of their flavors to create this piece. We … Continue reading Body Armor – Superior Hydration

Ten Years Later: 808’s & Heartbreak

Next month marks ten years since the release of 808’s & Heartbreak. With so much of what’s going on with Kanye now, we often hear of a desire for the “Old Kanye”. With that said I feel it’s only right we speak on one of his most controversial albums. 808’s is still a very hit or miss project for many fans. Some people really enjoy … Continue reading Ten Years Later: 808’s & Heartbreak

Return of the Pack

It’s been a phenomenal couple of weeks for the legendary NJ sneaker boutique Packer Shoes. Last week to commemorate the reopening of their flagship location in Teaneck, they brought out a who’s who to celebrate. They have also geared up new works with Adidas that couldn’t have released at a better time, and currently has social media buzzing. The first, a very limited Consortium EQT … Continue reading Return of the Pack