Nike and Jordan Set the stage for All Star Weekend

Excitement is growing as we make our way closer to NBA All Star Weekend 2019, which will be hosted in Charlotte, North Carolina: AKA the “Queen City.” It is a weekend full of fun competition between the cream of the crop of the NBA.  Who is going to be the 3 Point Champ? Who will be crowned as the Dunk King? Will it be East … Continue reading Nike and Jordan Set the stage for All Star Weekend

The Punisher Season 2: Best Season of TV?

There has been a certain sadness the past few weeks as Netflix has started cancelling it’s Marvel line of shows. This follows the announcement of Disney’s new streaming service, which will be showcasing their own Marvel content over the next few years. Fans have gone berserk, even putting together a petition that has gotten over 195,000 votes! The Marvel shows, which include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, … Continue reading The Punisher Season 2: Best Season of TV?

The Best of Sundance: Wanderluxxe

Every year, the Sundance Film Festival comes and goes, showcasing not only some of the best movies of the year, but also the best events. The festival runs over 10 days, but the first 4-5 days are chocked full of events, parties, panels, gifting suites, and more. Every year we have a favorite that truly outshines the rest, from the PAX Cabin (which ultimately became … Continue reading The Best of Sundance: Wanderluxxe

Avengers: Endgame Gets a Trailer

Has there been anything more anticipated than the trailer for the Avenger’s movie? Marvel Studios has gotten to a point where a movie is five months away and we are accepting the lack of a trailer AND title. The collaboration of Marvel Studios and Disney has been fruitful, leading to double digit hits and billions of dollars in revenue. I don’t believe there has been … Continue reading Avengers: Endgame Gets a Trailer

Nike x Carhartt: A Union Worth Celebrating

Nike has an extensive network of collaborators, from individual designers to major brands. Their capsule collections and limited drops are usually heralded, as very few companies do it better than them. Before it drops today, many people were scratching their heads over the Nike x Carhartt WIP collection. Carhartt WIP, the sub-label from Carhartt, brings together some well known Nike designs with Carhartt’s work background. … Continue reading Nike x Carhartt: A Union Worth Celebrating

SOCIAL Spotlight: Dan Stagliano

There is a certain air that is usually attributed to actors from down under. There isn’t much need to explain the air when you just state the names that have burst on the scene from Australia. Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Hugo Weaving, and Rebel Wilson are to name a few. For a country known for having more things than anywhere else that can … Continue reading SOCIAL Spotlight: Dan Stagliano

Adonis Creed Gets Signature Collection

Who knew the Rocky series would be able to catapult passed the success it has achieved over 40 years? Not a lot of people had faith in the barely tested Michael B. Jordan when he was given the mantle of the franchise. Yet, here he is on the second movie, Creed II, which drops Thanksgiving. Michael B. has launched his career since then, becoming one … Continue reading Adonis Creed Gets Signature Collection