A La Carte – ‘Louie’

After last week’s stellar full episode storyline, I was a little disappointed with what appears to be a lackluster entry. This is saved by the last minute twist that connects both this week’s disjointed stories.  Part 1 of the episode deals with Louie having to host an open mic night, which again has a surprising lack of laughs again.  We meet Bart Folding, a young … Continue reading A La Carte – ‘Louie’

Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting – “Bob’s Burgers”

 Season 5 has seen the focus of Bob’s Burgers shift from the viewpoint of the adults to the brood of Bob and Linda.  While this change has resulted in many fine episodes, this is not one of them.  Not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, this is definitely far from the finest 22 minutes produced. My main criticism of the episode is the disconnect … Continue reading Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting – “Bob’s Burgers”

Spiderhunt – “New Girl”

When Cece finally admits to Jess that yes, she does in fact like Schmidt yet again, there is a true sense of emotion that she conveys. “How could I not like him, he’s perfect,” she explains as the man she has fallen head over heels for again tries to perfect his burn against a spider. That dichotomy between silliness and sincerity is the underpinnings of … Continue reading Spiderhunt – “New Girl”

Interview with Archer’s Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler discussed her career and her current television run on FX’s Archer. Question: We know that an episode is coming up where we finally get to meet “Lana’s” parents.  Is there anything that you can tease about that a little bit? Aisha: Well, if it hasn’t already been in print we got some pretty amazing, well I didn’t do anything I just showed up, … Continue reading Interview with Archer’s Aisha Tyler

The Millie-churian Candidate – “Bob’s Burgers”

This week we have another kid-centric episode from a season full of kid-centric episodes. IF this were another show this would be a complaint but with Bob’s Burgers the kids are our window into the increasingly weird lives of the Belcher children and rest of the gang at Wagstaff Elementary.  “The Millie-churian Candidate” or as I like to call it “House of Burgers” (even though … Continue reading The Millie-churian Candidate – “Bob’s Burgers”

No More Mr. Noishe Guy – “The Mindy Project”

The Mindy Project has quietly become one of the best comedies currently airing.  If you told me when I was watching the alright but far from great pilot episode, I would have told you you were crazy but just about every character has grown by leaps and bounds since that shaky first season. Of course there is one exception and she goes by the name … Continue reading No More Mr. Noishe Guy – “The Mindy Project”

Ron and Leslie – “Parks And Recreation”

It took four episodes and the act of physically locking Ron and Leslie in a office for 12 hours to get the mighty comedic twosome back together.  By the time the two have reconciled their differences, there is a tangible sense of triumph with the amazingly minimalist story that Parks and Recreation established in such a short time.  With Ron finally opening up to Leslie … Continue reading Ron and Leslie – “Parks And Recreation”

The Gang Beats Boggs – “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

Equation for you: Consuming 70 beers + an enclosed space = an amazing episode from the Sunny gang. It’s just mathematics. The opening salvo of season 10 delivers one of the better episodes of the latter seasons of IASIP, albeit not without its issues.  The episode opens with the gang boarding a flight  wearing white shirts that state a certain number of beers. The lone exception … Continue reading The Gang Beats Boggs – “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”