Punk Your Chucks – The Artistry of MAG

Who doesn’t long for customized one of a kind hand painted Chuck Taylor’s, Vans, Air Force Ones, totes, heels, or clothing? Rarely do we have the fortune of coming across artists capable enough to be able to deliver an entire vision on apparel, but when we do, there is no letting go. Punk Your Chucks has and continues to be one of the most sought … Continue reading Punk Your Chucks – The Artistry of MAG

The Start Up’s Cool Brother – Ploom

He stands, drink in hand, away from the busy red carpet, surveying the room and making sure his friends are taken care of. We chat, make jokes, and watch the coveted party fill up. People arrive slowly, and then, like a flood, the place is packed. This isn’t just a Treats Magazine party; it’s the first night back for Robin Thicke after his “historic” 2013 … Continue reading The Start Up’s Cool Brother – Ploom

Forgotten Flames

Since our last issue, we lost two prominent figures in the entertainment industry. Both, extremely loved, died in horrific accidents. Paul Walker, of ‘The Fast and The Furious’ fame, killed in a terrible car crash, and  Philip Seymour Hoffman, the Oscar winning actor of ‘Capote’ along with scores of other amazing films, overdosed on heroin. Now, people die everyday, and celebrities tend to get more … Continue reading Forgotten Flames

Jersey’s Own Creates a Whole New Genre

At just 20 years young, up and coming New Jersey artist Alus has been creating big buzz in the music scene. Having just launched her debut EP titled ‘Alustrious’ in January, Alus’s creative music styling’s are what has continuously set her apart from other artists emerging today. Delivering an unique sound via her music, Alus has coined her genre as “Urban Pop,” described as a … Continue reading Jersey’s Own Creates a Whole New Genre