Maniac Drops September 21st on Netflix

There are very few people that do little wrong in the entertainment industry. One of those people is Cary Joji Fukunaga. The man behind the heralded first season of True Detective, has come back to give us another head scratcher that is Maniac. The series follows two individuals (Jonah Hill and Emma Stone) as they navigate through a seemingly fantasy based world resulting from a pharmaceutical … Continue reading Maniac Drops September 21st on Netflix

Film Review: Justice League

I wanted to love Justice League. Truly. As someone who heavily criticized Man of Steel‘s third act, and the abomination that was Batman vs. Superman, I wanted to really get behind this response to The Avengers. I made all the excuses and even accepted Zack Snyder leaving in post and Junkie XL getting replaced in the middle of production. I waited patiently like everyone else … Continue reading Film Review: Justice League

Future Man: Watch This Show if You Want to Live

Don’t judge me for the title – I had to in the context of nostalgia. I think nostalgia is an overused sentiment for things we remember or attempt to remember from the past. As someone who is a borderline millennial the concept of time travel is absolutely one of them. I might have seen every television show and film from the 80s/90s on the subject … Continue reading Future Man: Watch This Show if You Want to Live

The Resurrection of N.E.R.D.

For all my real N.E.RD. enthusiasts, the group really hasn’t gone anywhere. Pharrell has become a personality that 1) doesn’t age 2) is ubiquitous 3) has developed into one of the best features to have on a record. Pharrell is the friendly vampire that has invaded our headspace with “Happy” and the Daft Punk infused “Get Lucky”. Chad Hugo, although not a fan of the … Continue reading The Resurrection of N.E.R.D.

Always Striving: A$AP Ferg’s PureBOOST DPR

At one point everyone wanted a basketball shoe – and it makes sense why. Basketball players have always been seen as the epitome of the fashion and “cool” meter since Dr. Jay. That has changed throughout the years, and Adidas has been the forefront of that. Now, I know most people will not workout or even run in Kanye’s Yeezy line (I mean who would … Continue reading Always Striving: A$AP Ferg’s PureBOOST DPR