3 Designers To Watch From LAFW

House Of Byfield Designer Carmichael Byfield brought a little something different to the Art Hearts LAFW. His collection provided onlookers with a twist of sophistication, style and edge with a splash of bold prints. Carmichael’s collection was a new and edgy twist to the 1950’s dapper and swing style. His men wore variations of two piece suits, collared shirts and slacks while the women were … Continue reading 3 Designers To Watch From LAFW

LAFW: The Best Of The Best

Now that Los Angeles Fashion week has come to an end, its time to recap and discuss all the amazing fashions that were shown and pushed down the runway! After the Sue Wong show in the beginning of the week on Monday October, 6th, I couldn’t wait to recap that amazing show and make sure all our readers understood exactly what took place, but none … Continue reading LAFW: The Best Of The Best

LAFW: Artists In Their Element

Day 2 from Los Angeles Fashion Week Responsive Textiles When it comes to innovation and hands on designs, this designer certainly makes her way to the top of the list. Kristine Rodriguez’s knitwear is something that is not only amazing in its creation but also the shapes and forms she’s able to construct her garments into. All of her pieces are completely hand crafted all … Continue reading LAFW: Artists In Their Element

How The Democratic Presidential Candidates Are Holding Up

While Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are definitely the front-runners of this Democratic race, the other three potential presidents made waves in their own regard. Former Governor Lincoln Chafee: “The Peacemaker”- Overall Chafee attempted to present himself as the most honest and ethical candidate. (Politics and ethics are infamously known to be oxymorons). Twice he referred to his stance on issues similar to that of … Continue reading How The Democratic Presidential Candidates Are Holding Up

Chanel S/S 16′ Takes Off

Chanel’s ready to wear summer spring collection took place at Chanel Airlines where there were terminals the models entered and exited from, tickets with working flight attendants and gates with audience members awaiting flight. The models took the runway with packed rolling suitcases and carry ons to show the audience how to dress for an airplane. www.chanel.com www.chanel.com www.chanel.com www.chanel.com The collection kept with the … Continue reading Chanel S/S 16′ Takes Off

5 Looks We Loved From Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week ended few days ago, which means that Fashion Month has come to a close. There are many trends from the biggest month in fashion to look forward to this spring and summer. Chanel, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and so many more brands showed off their ready to wear collections. Each having their own taste for the new season. Black & Brown Break … Continue reading 5 Looks We Loved From Paris Fashion Week

5 Watches To Get Him Or Her This Holiday Season

Telling time is an essential and necessary part of everyone’s day. There is not one person who does not need to tell time. So, why not tell time luxuriously? The Hublot Ferrari Big Bang Speciale Grey Ceramic watch is as luxurious as it’s name sounds. The band of the watch has grey, black and white racing stripes to symbolize the sports car the entire collection … Continue reading 5 Watches To Get Him Or Her This Holiday Season

Are Millenials Financial Slaves?

Do you have student loans, a job, a car loan, or a new Mortgage? In other words, are you a millennial? Congratulations!! You are the New Slaves of the United states of America. Please line up to get your SSN branded. History can account for the America supporting slavery for over 400 years. Instilling an ideology of “black vs white” that in 2015 we still … Continue reading Are Millenials Financial Slaves?

We Loved The Life Is Beautiful Concert

Ask any local about Downtown Las Vegas and you’ll hear dismay in their voices as they describe a place once sprawling with life and vibrancy. Yet, no one would have expected for it to house the event of the summer that brought tens of thousands flocking to the grounds where old casinos and hotels previously boomed. And what was it that attracted music fans, art … Continue reading We Loved The Life Is Beautiful Concert