There Is No Place Like An Italian Kitchen

A passion for food and not just any food but Italian food, has had owner John Centrella, open one of the most unique places in North Bergen, NJ called Jersey Meatball Company. With authenticity beyond measures this meatball shop, that’s only 3 months old, feels like it’s been open for years with the warm décor and a place that can make anyone feel like home.

Capturing the essence of Italian culture, he has created not only amazing dishes but also a Sunday meatball Dinner menu. “I can remember going to my Grandparents’ house, and as soon as we pulled in the driveway I could smell the fresh garlic, meatballs, and tomato sauce. When I say dinner, what I really mean is a feast. One thing that stood out the most, was my grandma’s homemade meatballs! The same meatballs made with the same ingredients we serve today at Jersey Meatball Company.”

italian food

The Social Magazine team was able to experience the deliciousness Jersey Meatball Co. is able to bring to the table. From a variety of meatballs like: rice, Italian, lasagna, veggie, chicken, beef and pork John kept us satisfied. There is no better word to explain how wonderful they were. “Being an Italian native, I grew up with amazing dishes made by my mother, aunts and my two Nonnas. We don’t go out to eat Italian food, since we have that authenticity at home, so if we do and it tastes like my family cooked it themselves, it’s so appreciated. This place is amazing”, our Entertainment and Lifestyle writer tells us.

And the evening didn’t stop with just the meatballs, we also had other dishes like the truffle mac and cheese as well as dessert. Yes, dessert! Who can say no? Chocolate Raspberry and Peanut Butter Chip Hot Lava Cakes, more like lava cake heaven, filled our appetites as the icing to the evening.

While the experience was wonderful, knowing how everything came about to make Jersey Meatball Co. what it is, made it all worthwhile. John has had this vision to create a meatball shop for quite some time. With the help of Teresa and Joe Guidice he has been able to create the sauces uniquely for every dish. “I was at Teresa’s and Joe’s house, they were making meatballs, I was hanging out and trying them. We just started talking; I said…if I open up a meatball shop would you be interested in putting your name on it? And they said yes.” Intriguing him to pursue opening the shop more, was not only the help he would be getting from Teresa and Joe, as they market the brand for him, but he also uses special recipes from Teresa who has had #1 cookbooks in New York, more than once. What better way to pursue something with great quality recipes that can be trusted to make anyone’s meal perfect.

Being the only guy in Jersey having a meatball shop, has brought so many different people from everywhere, within Jersey and other states. Between now and the next few months we can anticipate the opening of other meatball shops with possible locations like Hoboken, Paramus, or Morristown as he tells us. His possibilities are endless and not only has his meatball shops coming to us all over so exciting, but he has also has been working on creating a dispenser system for wines on tab!