Faces of Beauty: Living Art During NYFW

For the first time a living art presentation has put a new face on plastic surgery with triple-board certified Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir presented his art – figurative clay sculptures he has created from life – and the faces he has sculpted with precision, authority and artistry at a unique event on September 9, 2014 at prestigious Tribeca gallery, One Art Space located at 23 Warren Street.  The “faces” who appeared in this remarkable fusion of different art expressions, are patients and celebrities representing more than 30 countries.

Dr. Kassir is particularly well known for his Ethnic Rhinoplasty procedures performed on patients of African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern descent.  A representation of this work will be present at the September 9 event, which will juxtapose the Doctor’s clay sculptures with sculpted noses and beautiful bodies.

“Rhinoplasty in ethnic patients requires a different approach than in Caucasian patients,” says Dr. Kassir. “While individuals vary dramatically, there are some characteristics common to the different ethnicities that can make Rhinoplasty more challenging.  But underlying the wish for physical improvement is a sense that altering one’s ethnic expression can be an empowering change. However it takes skill and sensitivity to achieve a cosmetic result that beautifies the face while respecting and preserving ethnicity; race is not erased but the overall look is enhanced and of course, from the patient’s point of view, significantly improved.”  Visual enhancement is the theme of this year’s FACES OF BEAUTY which will showcase Dr. Kassir’s “art” in multiple genres.

“We hosted this annual event to allow our patients to have their moment to proudly acknowledge their plastic surgery and the positive value it has brought to their lives. Surgery like sculpture, is for me an artistic process which requires balancing aesthetics with individual goals – the goals each patient identifies when they seek to improve their appearance and my goals as a surgeon dedicated to achieving the best possible result.” Patients including women of exceptional beauty from Afghanistan, Albania, Aruba, Barbados, Brazil, France, Iran, Japan, Peru, Russia and other countries around the world appeared at the September 9th event to celebrate their individuality.


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