Chucky is Back!

As someone who grew up with Child’s Play, hearing that there was a Chucky show in the works blew my mind. Yes, I want more of that psycho doll, and yes I want it in television/streaming format. The story of that little maniac never gets old and when Don Mancini said he was going back to the story’s roots and bringing back some favorites, I was all in. After hearing Don and Jennifer Tilly (YES her!) about the show that was crafted and all the effort that was put in to introduce Chucky to a new audience while also being nostalgic for those that grew up on him, I knew this was going to be a must watch. It is hard to capture nostalgia especially in a day when everything is rebooted. This doesn’t necessarily mean the show is going to be fantastic, but it does show the people behind it are interested and care. We had a chance to catch the first two episodes and they were enjoyable. There were some gripes but I am sure those will disappear over the season. Also, the activation was super fun!