7 Signs That He Is Marriage Material

You love him, you have a great relationship, and you couldn’t be happier. Could marriage be on the table? Here are a few signs he’s right for the long haul:

He’s really listening when you speak.

It sounds obvious, but a man who is truly engaged in conversation with you cares about your thoughts, feelings, and perspective in large and small matters. An open forum of communication means that you work together in partnership and that neither of you takes greater command of the relationship.

He’s not stuck on the past.

He doesn’t brag about previous escapades and he takes your relationship seriously. Focusing on the present, you can be confident that he doesn’t secretly pine for old flames or wonder about the security of your relationship. He is as committed to you as he is trustworthy.

He knows his strengths and weaknesses and is happy to make self-improvements.

Someone with a positive outlook about themselves is gratifying to spend time with, and compromising after a disagreement comes easily when your guy is always open to changing for the better.

He has a working car, a job, and a savings plan for the next three years.

These are all signs of a mature man with a vision for the future. If he can take care of himself, you know you can rely on him as well. In him, you find an equal who is as smart, self-sufficient, and savvy as you are.

He doesn’t live with his parents.

He is responsible enough to pay his bills, wash his clothes, and clean up after himself.  It doesn’t take running to his mom or dad to take care of basic tasks at home. Although, while he doesn’t live at home, he is willing to meet your parents when the time is right.

His idea of a good time does not mean clubbing or getting hammered every night with his boys.

He’s not keen on the concept of girls, parties, and drugs, and he’s ready to move on from any clichéd frat boy ways.

He talks about the future with you, including marriage, in a realistic way.

You’ve found yourself discussing shared goals: what home you’d live in, whether you’d want kids (or how you’d raise them), what your financial plans look like, and how much travel or leisure activities you’d do. Overall, the future is not a dreamy, idealized scenario, but one that could viably arrive soon.