5 Gadgets For The Holiday Season

As we are in the middle of the holiday season, these are our favorite gadgets for more than just Christmas:



Brikks iphone Cover


This beautiful item is premium luxury, by this I mean an artisan design which combines industrial design, engineering, physics and the beauty of simplicity. This is a pure example of luxury in its purest form.  If you prefer cooler tones then gold and platinum is the way to go, warmer tones pink gold exemplifies a rare richness.  Brikk.com

Recon MOD GPS Goggles

Recon-MOD-GPS-GogglesContemporary in style and in its GPS specifications designed for avid skiers and snowboarders.  Now skiers and snowboarders can track their speed, temperature, altitude, vertical decent, chronograph, airtime , distance jumped and time and Location. If you are a skier or snowboarder who loves their technology and want to compete with yourself then this is the gadget for you.  Reconinstruments.com

Jawbone UP24 Fitness & Lifestyle Tracker


Fitness technology is revolutionary and cutting edge as it supports our wants to better our fitness and lifestyle goals. Jawbone UP24 will help you keep track of your fitness and health lifestyle. Tracking your steps, calories burned and eaten, how much you sleep and best of all it’s waterproof. Now tracking your calories while swimming, running in the rain and during Bikram yoga is one step closer to your fitness goals. Jawbone.com/fitness

Mujjo Touch Screen Gloves 


Everyone has gloves and they are a essential accessory.  Discovering Mujjo gloves was the as if a light blub went off. The gloves have extra insulation with clean detailing.  A leather strap with a leather button adds to the clean and defined design. What sets these gloves apart for any other glove, there silicon grip dots on the palm of the gloves again falling under the sleek lines the label in known for. A must have in the cold months of winter. Mujjo.com

Star Trek Pinball Machine By Stern


Star Trek fans and pinball enthusiasts here is your chance to sit in the chair of most famous Captain of the Starfleet, Captain James Kirk’s of the U.S.S. Enterprise.  Designed with high definition artwork, LED lighting and the iconic classic musical scores.  The game offers 18 challenging treks for those passionate player and six missions for a more relaxed player. Are you ready to save the world?  The Star Trek pinball machine is ready for you! sternpinball.com