4 Ways to Cope With Summer Blues

Ok so summer season has come yet again. It’s a time for cookouts, bikinis and frozen margaritas, but what if you just aren’t feeling up to the summer spirit after a harsh break-up? Well it’s a case of the summer blues.  Yes, it does exist. Most individuals find themselves in this funk post break-up and are usually unsure of how to enjoy summer.  It’s hard to feel sunny when your forecast is stormy, but have no fear there are some cool activities to keep your mind off your new single status.

1. Start A New Athletic Hobby The summer time is great season to try all types of new exciting hobbies especially with the great weather.  How about snorkeling, or rock climbing, even something as simple as roller-skating? Not only are staying active and fit but exercise produces endorphins and neurotransmitters. These “feel-good brain chemicals” help reduce depression and anxiety one may feel. So get out of the house and get active.

2. Volunteer For A Cause So volunteering is not only helpful to those you are serving but to you as well. Helping others in need makes you forget your stresses and concentrate on the needs of others. Furthermore humanitarian work enlightens you as an individual. How can you feel down while uplifting others? Visit a children’s hospital or help the elderly in your neighborhood. Little acts of kindness go along way. If you give out positive energy, you will receive positive energy.

3. Travel Out Your Comfort Zone Everyone aspires to travel but rarely actually take the time to do it. The best way to forget a bad break-up is by exploring new places, sights and people. If you are stuck in the same routine as you were in the relationship then of course you will feel down. Change your routine and your mind will not associate your day with your ex. For instance, do not go to the same restaurants, clubs and places you went while dating. Travel out your typical comfort zone so your experience cannot be fogged from the past.

4.  Lighten, Highlight or Cut So as cliché as it may sound changing your look really does affect your mood. If you brighten your hair, you will instantly shine and many possible suitors will notice your new appearance. Who doesn’t love to be complimented?  The summer is great time to try a new cut as well because by winter your hair will be growing back to normal and you don’t have to worry about the look being permanent.  A change in your look is good for the soul and for your confidence. You won’t be fretting over the past with a newfound self-love.