3 Fashion Trends For Fall 2015

Are you updated on the trends for Fall 2015? From high neck lines to low-cut booties, get to know the ins and out of all that fall fashion has to offer!

High Necklines:

Wetseal High Neck Sweater

Wetseal High Neck Sweater

This isn’t your mother’s turtleneck. Well, it could be seeing as the crop top style was derived from the 90s. The traditional sweater has been modernized by adding a tight and high neckline that gives a more edgy look than the mundane, floppy turtleneck. Bonus points added if it’s a cropped sweater. This rendition of the turtleneck has been seen in a variety of textures and is versatile for the occasional warm nights or cold and windy days.


Anthropologie Booties

Anthropologie Booties

Tall, short, chunky heel, or no heel- black booties are in full force this fall in various types and styles. They bring together a look easily and can add edge or comfort depending on the style.

High-rise bottoms:


ASOS High Waist Pants

High-waist, and distressed shorts were a must-have for summer and this trend follows suit into the fall season. This past year, Fashion Nova is one online store that has garnered much attention from both social media and celebrity spottings for their well-fitting and affordable jeans. Another avenue away from summer styles is high-waist trousers and skirts. Paired with a snug sweater (like the ones mentioned above) allows for a warm and fashionable outfit.